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Shuttle service is a shared transportation option in an air-conditioned SUV, Vans (or coaster) depending on the amount of people between popular destinations. However, shuttles are by no means a public bus. They are subject to availability and must be reserved in advance.

Price Starts: $ 50

Belize international - San Ignacio

A two Hour Drive will take you to one of the most popular destination in Inland Belize. San Ignacio is the centre axis of tourism in the Cayo District. Where you can do several activities like ATM cave, Cave tubing, Crystal Cave, Caracol & Etc.

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Price Starts: $ 50

San Ignacio - Belize water taxi

If you are done with the inland adventure or you are getting ready for it or getting ready to relax at the beach. on the way to enjoy the sand, sun, and sea, a very popular stop is the amazing zoo of Central America. This stop will familiarise you with the type of animals that exist in the Belizean jungles.

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Price Starts: $ 60

San Ignacio - Tikal/Flores

If you are heading to one of the largest and most popular Mayan site that Guatemala have to offer. Let us facilitate this journey into another country Guatemala. Our services would take you to the boarder were the driver will help you across the Belize boarder and introduce you to our friendly Guatemalan Driver. This friendly driver will help you across the Guatemalan border to you destination Tikal.

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Price Starts: $ 80

San Ignacio - Hopkins

This is one of the most amazing drives that the country of Belize has to offer, the Humming Bird Highway. This is one of the highways that is less develop, that means that very few communists will be encountered on the drive, very scenic. On the way to the small Garifuna village located on the coast, a through cultural destination.

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Price Starts: $ 100

San Ignacio to Placencia

Your destination to the beautiful beach on the Peninsula of Belize Placencia. You might be think is a day of your vacation wasted traveling, let us make it worthwhile traveling day. Our private transfer would include a stop at the Jaguar preserve the Cocscom Basin or at Bocawina National park for hike, and opportunity to see waterfall.

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Price Starts: $ 135

Belize Airport/ Water taxi - Placencia

This is quite a journey, a few hours on the road before getting to your destination. Since you have decided to go by land and not by plan, our service will make it more comfortable for you. Travel at your one paste and stop were you desire to take a break, before getting to one of Belize most relaxing and amazing destination the Peninsula.

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Price Starts: $ 115

BelizeAirport/Water taxi - Hopkins

Hopkins a Garifuna Village located on the Southern part of Belize. This village is a unique cultural destination, which also offer some amazing snorkelling and diving destinations, no mentioning the most delicious food. Don`t forget to get to this amazing place, is quite a drive form Belize City. Let us get you there with our comfortable vehicles and knowledgeable drivers.

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